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NBN Provider and Why You Need One

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The NBN is a wholesale only network set up to provide services to Telecom Providers and Internet Service Providers on an equal basis.

Those providers are responsible for providing services to end customers.

Customers whether they are businesses or private individuals don’t and in fact can’t buy anything directly from the NBN.

You need to go to a service provider of your choosing to actually have a service such as internet access or telephony delivered to your home or other premises.

Telstra is Not the NBN

There was a time when Telstra were both a service provider and the owner of the copper phone lines that came to our homes.

However, today Telstra are just another service provider who must also use the NBN for fixed line access.

The exception is for high value business services where Telstra and other Telecom Companies such as TPG and Optus may put in their own fibres. But this is not for the normal kind of internet and telephone services that you and I might be buying.

So, Telstra are not the NBN and are just as separate from the NBN as any bother service provider.

Why You Need an NBN Provider

The NBN do not supply a service that you can use directly. They supply the modern equivalent of the copper telephone wires.

An ISP or a telco will use the NBN infrastructure to deliver their service.

It’s a bit like public roads. Any number of competing delivery companies can use those roads on an equal basis to bring things to your door.

It’s the same with an Internet Service Provider. They do a lot of things to put a service together. The NBN allows them to bring it to you on an equal basis in competition with other ISPs

Who is Your NBN Provider

There are no designated providers for your location.

Your NBN Provider or ISP is the one who you pay.

Look at whose name is on the bill.

If you don’t have a current service in operation, then you don’t have a designated provider.

You are free to choose who you want to provide a service and they can use the NBN to deliver it.

Because the NBN don’t sell services directly to end users you have an equal choice.

Its not like the old days where everyone had to use Telstra copper wires. At that time many other ISPs felt that that put them at a disadvantage compared to Telstra. And they were probably right.

What NBN Providers Are Available

If you check your address on the NBN Address Checker, you can find out information relating to your address.

There will also be a link to a list of available ISPs to choose from.

It’s a lot. The last time I looked it was 186! Of course, many of those are different brand names of the same company. But still there is an overwhelming choice available.

How to Change NBN Providers

It should be simple these days to change ISPs or providers.

First find another provider who you would like to go with

Then you could check the terms and conditions of your existing provider.

Although most ISPs have month to month contracts now there are still some common points where there is some further commitment.

For example, some ISPs (eg Telstra) supply a modem or router with the service. If you leave before a certain amount of time (maybe 24 months) then you may have to either pay the balance remaining for the router or send it back.

Other ISPs such as Exetel require 30 days notice of termination. You can leave sooner, but they still want to be payed for the 30 days.

Having More Than One NBN Provider

Its is possible to have more than one service provider at a time.

If you have FTTP, Fixed Wireless, or, Skymuster satellite then it’s easy. There are 4 data ports on the NBN NTD box. Each port can have a separate service from a separate ISP.

Take care if you do that to make sure that your new ISP doesn’t disconnect the first ISP. Unfortunately, that is the default option that ISPs will use. So you need to find a way to be very clear about your requirements.

If you have one of the other access technologies, then its more complicated and unfortunately more complicated.

If you have HFC (sometimes called cable) then you can be supplied with a cable splitter and a second NBN box. But this will also incur the $300 new connection charge.

If you have FTTN, FTTC, or, FTTB then again you can have an additional service. This would also incur the $300 new connection fee as well as requiring the installation of a new entry cable.